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Actually, this is later in the day.  The wind came from the ocean, so when the sun set, it cooled down.  I got the hooded sweatshirt on sale. :) Beach from a walkway Still from the walkway, but I didn't put the railing in the picture.
Greetings Beach Beach
One of the first things we did is go on a pier.  I originally took this picture (through the fence) because you could see the ocean.  But then I noticed that little chopper that you can rent for tours, and I loved the colors in the shot with the ocean behind it.  The chain link acts as a frame on the left. The boardwalk skyline - to a real Jersey shore person, AC isn't the same.  Not like Wildwood or Ocean City or Sea Isle.  But it does have a real Jersey shore style boardwalk and the ocean.  It also, unfortunately, has the casinos which were supposed to revitalize the city the way it was in the Steel Pier heyday.  Instead, the city is an armpit 2 blocks from the boards, and even on the boards, mixed with everyone else are the hookers, homeless, and people who have bet their homes and cars away, begging for a ride. Still a beautiful ocean, isn't it? I guess Atlantic City is once more trying to steal the title of Sin City from New York. This is the new rage: bars on the beach run by the casinos -- pay a cover charge and you too can come into this bar that features beds and men getting women drunk to score. It even had a stage where a scantily clad woman danced like a stripper with a hula hoop.

It was a remake of the Orion slave girl scene from Star Trek.

OK, I sound like a fart who doesn't enjoy fun.  Sorry.  For some reason, I wasn't in the mood for Soddam and Gomorra. We'll visit again, and I promise to have some laughs.
Chopper pad Skyline Hedonism
Called the Disko: you sit in one of the seats, and the whole thing revolves fast as it whips on this track.  Lots of fun! Just another shot to show the ride. Since this ride literally goes right by you as you walk by, they put up this clear wall so you don't  get hit by water.  Shame; I was hot. :)  But I loved watching the water spray on the wall -- very surreal for some reason.
New ride The Disko again Log flume
Another staple of such places: crane machines.  We're pretty addicted to trying to make the claw pick up toys!  But as the pile at home grew to epic proportions, we have resisted the lure!

But I like this picture of John. Another addiction: Go-carts!  This we do not pass up!  Our competitive streaks come out way too much.  I love playing Speed Racer! He's having a good time, isn't he? :)
John at crane machines Go-carts John on go-cart
I have never understood why people feed birds, in this case seagulls, and then wonder why the birds follow and dive for food.  Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! They built a Rainforest Cafe at Caeser's.  A beautiful aquarium frames the restaurant entrance; this is one tank.  Notice the OOO, this is a bad picture of me, but I love how John is peaking out in the back. So here's us on the train.  This should be last, but I didn't want this sticking in your memory. :)
Stupid human trick Aquarium Us on the train
This is one of the best things in Atlantic City: the Korean War Memorial.  It's right on the boardwalk.  This shows the main statue -- a solider holding his dead buddies' dogtags -- with a sculpture of these men on the wall. A wideshot showing a bit more of the memorial. This art piece of a lighthouse is another favorite thing.  At night, they splash colored lights on that white swirl up the body while the light in the tower rotates. Unfortuanately, it wasn't on yet.
Memorial Memorial - wide Lighthouse
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