Lucy the Elephant:

(02/11/06) Growing up in Southern New Jersey, I always have known about the historical Lucy the Elephant: a hotel built in the 1800s in the shape of an elephant. I've driven past it, but finally took the tour. I'm so glad. This was a fun thing to do. Lucy was one of 3 such novelty hotels and the only one remaining. It's fun for me to see how creative we culd be at one time. Imagine: staying in an elephant on your vacation! People taking tours and buying the few souvenier items just support the costs of maintaining this historic landmark, so I was glad to be part of that. Lucy is so famous that when Disney built a resort paying tribute to Atlantic City in its golden era, they commissioned a statue of Lucy for the main hotel's lobby. Here's my photos from the tour and if you're curious about this novel landmark, read more about Lucy on her official website.

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